A company with more than thirty years of experience in the national and international engineering sector. An engineering firm that enjoys great prestige and reputation in the execution of installation projects such as electricity, home automation, plumbing, sanitation, fire protection, telecommunications, air conditioning, solar thermal energy, etc. for any type of building.

We are a studio made up of a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified technicians, composed of both Industrial and Technical Engineers. The founder and manager of the company is the Industrial Technical Engineer, Miguel Delgado Padial, who is registered with the Official Association of Industrial Technical Engineers and Surveyors of Malaga, holding the membership number: 1.441.

With our sole commitment being to the general public, DELMAR INGENIERÍA resolves each discipline with the highest level of specialization whilst coordinating the various differing trades involved in each project within the required timeframes.

Colabora con varios Estudios de Ingeniería y Arquitectura muy conocidos en la Costa del Sol, tales como Melvin Villaroel, González & Jacobson, Marcos Sainz, Manuel Burgos Arquitectos, Ismael Mérida Arquitectos, UDesign, P4 Arquitectos, Antonio Martín y Alfonso Domínguez en la realización del apartado de Instalaciones de sus proyectos junto con la dirección de las obras. Además de constructoras y promotoras como pueden ser Bonifacio Solis, San José, Benalús, Top Gestión, etc.

Engineering Consultancy in Marbella

Meeting client expectations in an innovative, committed and competitive way.